Open Studios Open Doors For BallardWorks Artist

Phil Stoiber was in his BallardWorks studio on the evening of the February Artwalk. A stranger wandered into his studio. She was on her way home from work and took an interest in his prints. 

Ivory's Rock - Arbritrary Meridian by Phil Stoiber, paper, lithography and chine-collé

He learned his visitor worked for Abmeyer + Wood, a gallery very close to SAM downtown where Stoiber has worked as a registrar since 1991. He didn't expect to hear anything from her again. A couple weeks later he was informed that he was being considered for Sustaining, a group show at Abmeyer + Wood Fine Art in April. There is no way to predict what Artwalk will bring when studio doors are open.

Visit Abmeyer + Wood to see Sustaining through April 27 at 1210 2nd Ave, Seattle 98101. 

BallardWorks is a studio building with artists working in various media. The building is open every second Saturday with a new group show in the 2nd and 3rd floor galleries, and several art studios open for visitors. 

2856 NW Market St

Christine Olson at Venue For April Artwalk

Christine Olson is Venue’s featured artist for the month of April. Christine studied art from a young age, inspired by her mother and grandmother who were both artists. She was formally trained at the Academy of Art in San Francisco and for the last fifteen years she has been working on mastering non-subjective compositions using acrylic on canvas. 

Many of Christine’s new paintings focus on meditation. When Christine paints, she works hard to let go of her present feelings and finds her flow through each piece. Balance with color and composition are important for Christine - the pieces can be hung horizontally or vertically because she is constantly rotating the canvas. The art is non-subjective with some natural elements from nature that do appear. 

Her current collection offers some smaller sets of paintings as well as larger pieces. Christine also has greeting cards of her current series and limited edition framed giclee prints on archival quality paper. 10% of all of Christine’s art sales will go to support the Melanoma Research Foundation in Washington, D.C.

5402 22nd Ave NW

Resident Artists Exhibit New Work At BallardWorks For April Artwalk

Just as the spring rain heralds fresh new flowers, the cold of winter encourages artists to cocoon in their studio and produce new work. New concepts, new materials, new dreams and visions, captured and held in place for your viewing in a relaxed and friendly setting.

Let's not forget new artists as well. Amy Hamblin joins the roster, working on the main floor in Spark Studio. Her current work is created from recycled rubber playground balls. These dynamic pieces are wearable art unlike anything else you've seen. 

Three floors of art studios and exhibition spaces open for the April Artwalk. Families and kids welcome. Enter through the 1st or 2nd floor doors on 30th Avenue. Includes painting, wearable fiber art, lampworked glass, encaustics, jewelry and print making, all under one roof.

2856 NW Market St

Barbara Noah at Art & Soul for April Artwalk

It's that time again, Art & Soul is back open for the Ballard ArtWalk! For our first show of the year we have "Likely Stories" by Barbara Noah. 

By Jove
Edition of 20
©2013 Barbara Noah
Archival pigment print
7" x 4.8"

Saturn's Marble Moon
Edition of 25
©2013 Barbara Noah
Archival pigment print
5.57" x 3.72"

Come experience a vision of altered reality juxtaposing the vastness of space with the diminutive nature of everyday objects! The ridiculous and the sublime come together with balloons and toys floating through the stars and playing with planets! Original pre-edit Jupiter and Saturn background images prior to addition of marble courtesy NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute. Check out Barbara's webpage for more images:

Art & Soul
2860 NW Market St

Shadow Puppeteers Murderbird Productions at Three Links Gallery for April Artwalk

Three Links Gallery, located in the historic Ballard-Alki Odd Fellows Lodge will be hosting shadow puppeteer group Murderbird Productions for the 2nd Saturday Ballard Art Walk. They will be retelling two Rootabaga Stories by Carl Sandburg. These American fairytales are fun like Dr. Seuss, and is something kids of ALL ages can enjoy. Guaranteed 99% Clown and Clown By-product free. There will be snacks and drink available for kids of all ages.

Doors open at 6pm. 
"How They Broke Away to Go to the Rootabaga Country" starts at 6:30.
"Sand Flat Shadows" will be starting around 7pm.

Three Links Gallery
1706 NW Market St

Factory vs Academy Joins Ballard Artwalk With Thank You Bezus!

Factory vs. Academy, a bookstore/art gallery specializing in indie authors and located in Ballard, is pleased to announce an open house on April 12th. from 6-9 pm, to coincide with the Second Saturday Ballard ArtWalk. The inaugural showcase, Thank You Bezus! A Self-Publishers' First Supper, features a stellar line-up of local and national memoir writers. Each author has been depicted in a mural version of The Last Supper painted by noted artist, Andrew Morrison. Naturally, Jeff Bezos is front and center as Jesus.

Both print and digital format copies available. Come see the "Showroom Halo Effect" in action and witness the disruption of the traditional publishing industry in person.

Including memoirs by:

John LeSage
Tom Harvey
Claire Anderson
Bob Sluys
Michael Matewauk
Mik Everett
Moses Pate
James Keefe lll
Robb Zerr
Joe Cottonwood
Howard Hansen

For more details, contact:  Michael Matewauk

Factory vs Academy
2201 NW Market St, Ste B01

Waiting To Be Rescued by Michael Bristow At Interfaith Community Sanctuary in April and May

Compositions of harmonious color and form are to be found everywhere around us. In the work of Michael Bristow, scraps of throwaway printed ephemera and discarded objects are redeemed and ennobled, given new meaning as elements of form and color. Patterns of synchronicity, significance, and even mysticism are sometimes revealed, perhaps differently to the individual viewer. Each piece, however, is initially inspired by an “accidental” juxtaposition - not created but rather noticed by the artist.

In our age of digitally-created art, Michael Bristow prefers to work with paint, glue, wood, cardboard, and bits of paper and metal scavenged from the streets, beaches, and second-hand stores. He believes that exciting colors and shapes are always surrounding us, waiting to be rescued and made into art that costs little to the environment or to his own wallet."  To reach Michael Bristow, email:

Every two months ICS features a guest artist in the Fellowship Hall (downstairs). Ongoing in the Sanctuary (upstairs) congregant’s communal art, created during spiritual retreats, is featured. Each unique piece has been designed by artist Linda Stern, who guides congregants in the art experience.

Interfaith Community Sanctuary
1763 NW 62nd St
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