April 9th 2016 Artist and Business List

Venue: Blowing Sands
Other sponsors:  Ballard ReUse and Seattle ReCreative
Location: 5805 14th Ave NW, Seattle WA 98107
Web Address:  www.blowingsands.com
Show Description:
Artists all started with the same mission:  To bring new life to the discarded.  From that beginning, they have woven, painted, hammered, and sewn to create original works.  The pieces range from the whimsical to the sophisticated, intricate to bold, folk to modern.  This art show is an entertaining collection based on the concept that inspiration is where you find it. 

The show will be on display through May 11th. 


Artwalk  Date:  April 9th 6-9pm

Artist’s Name(s): Narboo

Artist’s Web Address:  https://www.facebook.com/Narboo

Type of Art  on Display: Original Paintings

Brief Description of the Art Work:
I am a local artist residing in Ballard and my home studio is in the Greenwood Collective. I am influenced by the city and nature and this is why I love Seattle. My art is full of bold lines, lots of color, and crazy animal and bird characters that have real human emotions.

Name of Display Venue: Monster Art & Clothing

Photos included:  Yes - attached. 



Captain's Supplies

Is a 119-year-old marine supply and navigation company, which has been in several locations in Seattle. They just moved to 1120 NW Ballard Way, which is the former site of the North Sails sail loft and other businesses. Captain's Supplies have  turned the upstairs into a gallery, which hosts a rotating art exhibit.

For their  inaugural exhibit, Northwest Birds, is a photography exhibit by local birders Judy Roan and John Reeder. The show runs through April 30


Artist Andrew Bergin-Sperry

Andy Bergin-Sperry is a 26-year-old woodworker. Born and raised in Washington State, Andy has been surrounded by Washington’s incredible forests his entire life leading to a love for trees and passion for woodworking.  The spark that lit the fire for Woodworking happened in 2012 when Andy Decided to build a Tiny House On Wheels. With little to no carpentry experience, Andy designed and built his House on wheels. After working for a custom homes building company for two years, he knew woodworking was his calling. Ready to blaze his own trail, SperryMade “Wood Goods” was born.

SperryMade is a woodworking company dedicated to creating one of a kind functional art by bringing new life to old trees. Specializing in end grain cutting boards, SperryMade’s goal is to create heirloom quality perfectly imperfect “Wood Goods”.  No two cutting boards are identical, the same way every human is beautiful and unique in there own way. The raw natural wood grain gives each SperryMade piece its own individual character. And chances are, SperryMade is creating your personality’s matching “Wood Goods” right now!


Artist’s Name(s): D.Lisa West, Andie Styner, Ellen Hochberg, Isobel Davis, Mary Ashton, Anita West, Susan Derrick, Louise Hankes, Kip Kania, Melissa Koch, John Webster

Artist’s Web Address: unknown

Type of Art on Display: Paintings, Prints, glass and photographs

Brief Description of the Art Work:

BallardWorks Exhibits "Making a Statement"
Saturday, April 9th, 2016  6:00pm-9:00pm
BallardWorks, 2856 NW Market St., Seattle 98107

"Making a Statement" exhibits Artwork and Artist Statements from Artist Trust EDGE graduates, 2013-2014. Participating artists: D.Lisa West, Andie Styner, Ellen Hochberg, Isobel Davis, Mary Ashton, Anita West, Susan Derrick, Louise Hankes, Kip Kania, Melissa Koch and John Webster.

If you are not familiar with the term "artist statement" the following Is a definition by Ariane Goodwin, author of "Writing the Artist Statement." "Like the art that it reflects, an artist statement uses its sincerity of purpose and its purity of intent to create a powerful word-reflection of the art and the artist." Come and enjoy the art and the artist statements of this group and see if the statements accompanying the art cause you to see the art in a new light.

Three floors of art studios and exhibition spaces open for the Art Walk Saturday, April 9th, 2016. Open 6:00-9:00 pm only. Families with kids welcome. Enter through the 1st or 2nd floor doors on 30th Avenue. Includes painting, wood working, sculpture, wearable fiber art, encaustics, print making and more, all under one roof. www.ballardworks.com.





Stash Pot Shop

Gary Morrison, Photographer
Gary Morrison’s subjects have ranged from the brilliant frenzy of professional sports to the graphic quiet of architecture, and just about everything in between. Currently his focus is on cannabis after a simple commission led to another artful study in light, color, and form. His company Green Lens Images is the evolving collection that’s grown from it.
Gary’s work has been included in several gallery shows in his home town of Seattle, as well as one at The Museum of Photography in Tokyo, Japan.  He was team photographer for the Seattle Supersonics in the 1990s and also provided photography for the NBA, Major League Baseball and The Sporting News. He has also been featured in Popular Photography magazine for his artistic interpretation of major league baseball stadiums.
In his shift to cannabis photography, Gary became fascinated with the vast variety of visual properties that shift and change, between strains. As Gary approaches this incredibly diverse plant, he likes to imagine he is exploring the many different forms of joy it represents for so many people. For artists like Gary it has produced a complex subject to explore, while for others it has been the catalyst to their creativity, and for others a method of pain management or emotional healing. Through photographing what Gary has defined as ‘a subject that provides a path to many of life’s best offerings, both social and scientific’ he has been able to explore just how impactful a single plant can be, for the world.
Some of Gary’s images appear in large patterned montages to evoke feeling of the greater picture that cannabis comprises, while others are a series of close ups, revealing the stunning world contained in a single bud. 



For the first two months of 2016 the Push/Pull book club met to discuss the surreal Russian novel, The Master & Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov. Part of the assignment was to create art based on the novel. This is a unique show in that the artists have been meeting for months to discuss the subject and what they are working on. 

Artists will be on hand to talk about their pieces and their impressions of the story. (Art on display through May 12th)

Featuring work by
Corianna Garrels
Melissa McClintock
Aaron Morgan
& Mark Campos

For those not familiar with The Master & Margarita here is a bit to get you interested, from the chapter Satan's Grand Ball:

"Those ten seconds seemed extremely long to Margarita. Obviously they had already passed and precisely nothing had happened. But here something suddenly crashed downstairs in the huge fireplace, and from it leaped a gallows with some half-decayed remains dangling from it. The remains fell from the rope, struck the floor, and from it leaped a handsome dark-haired man in a tailcoat and patent leather shoes. A half-rotten little coffin ran out of the fireplace, its lid fell off, and another remains tumbled out of it. The handsome man gallantly leaped over to it and offered it his bent arm. The second remains put itself together into a fidgety woman in black shoes, with
black feathers on her head, and then the man and the woman both hastened up the stairs.
'The first!' exclaimed Koroviev. 'Monsieur Jacques and his spouse. I commend to you, Queen, one of the most interesting of men. A confirmed counterfeiter, a traitor to his government,
but a rather good alchemist. Famous,' Koroviev whispered in Margarita's ear, 'for having poisoned a king's mistress. That doesn't happen to everyone! Look how handsome he is!'
The pale Margarita, her mouth open, watched as both gallows and coffin disappeared into some side passage in the front hall.
'Delighted!' the cat yelled right into the face of Monsieur Jacques as he came up the stairs."

FB Event:  https://www.facebook.com/events/467685296765151/

Ladies and Gentlemen, and Tiny Flying Elephants

"Ladies and Gentlemen ...and Tiny Flying Elephants" is Krissy Downing's first international art exhibit featuring twelve giant paintings that will grace the 26th floor of QRE Plaza in Hong Kong! To celebrate the release of this new work, Krissy will produce a limited number of prints to be concurrently displayed at Push/Pull Gallery in Seattle. Krissy's vivid portraits of mutated puppy-bees, a giant rainbow seahorse, miniature giraffes, teacup bunnies (and more!) will sprawl our walls April 9th through May 12th, 2016. Can't make it to Hong Kong? Stop by Push/Pull and grab a few of these gorgeous prints before they disappear!

Krissy is a Seattle based surrealist painter who creates large, colorful works in oil  and acrylic. An enthusiast of the beauty in merged contrast (the stark harmonies of light against dark, the delicate "in between" of serenity and chaos, the absurdity of lighthearted lyrics sung in a minor key...), her figurative pieces celebrate human complexities while exploring a playful world of imaginary creatures poised in commonplace scenes with grand gestures of whimsy against the slightest hint of profound emotion.
FB Event:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1542629602701652/



Missing the disapproving looks of love from your grandmother? Come see them and the always missed house spirits in these intricate ink illustrations by Dillon Lacey.

Dillon's illustrations will be on display through May 6th at Ballyhoo Curiosity Shop.

FB Event:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1679263338989296/

February 13th 2016 Artwalk Artists

Couch Seattle
5423 Ballard Ave NW 

Artist, Jay Alexander 
"I began painting in 2002. Aside from a few art classes as an undergraduate, I have little formal training in painting and I am primarily self-taught. I became interested in seascapes and city scenes in 2006 when I moved from the Midwest to the outskirts of NYC. More recently, I have been more interested in the exploration of the abstract expression of urban subjects and geometric designs."

Ballyhoo Seattle
5445 Ballard AVE NW 

Artist of the Month: Kara Queen

Featured Artist of the Month: Zuzana "Zuzko" Korbelarova, Handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewelry.

Zuzana Korbelarova (Zuzko) is a Seattle based jewelry designer, originally from the Czech Republic. She designs and creates jewelry primarily from sterling silver and hand selected semiprecious gems. She patina's her silver and then polishes it back up to bring out the depth of the metal for a feel that has been worn and loved for a long time. Zuzana's designs are inspired by simple lines, different textures and most of all movement that brings the jewelry to life when worn. All of her original designs are hand crafted and fabricated in her Vashon Island studio.

Artist’s Name(s): Friends and Tenants of BallardWorks
Artist’s Web Address: unknown
Type of Art on Display: A wide variety of 2-D and 3-D artwork.
Brief Description of the Art Work:

BallardWorks Exhibits "Fresh Art for 2016"
Saturday, February 13th, 2016  6:00pm-9:00pm
BallardWorks, 2856 NW Market St., Seattle 98107

"Fresh Art for 2016" features artwork by our Friends and Tenants. This 
exhibit features some especially fine work from guest artists new to us. 
We are especially amazed at the Shards of Ice Lamps which have 
constantly changing complex colors reflecting and refracting within a 
highly textured transparent and translucent lamp. The shapes resemble 
the hoar frost one sees on the trees at the tops of mountains in 
midwinter lit by an Aurora Borealis.  Come see for yourself and make 
your opinion known! February is always a good time to relax after the 
holidays and take your time strolling our exhibition spaces and open 
studios which are warm and rain free!

Three floors of art studios and exhibition spaces open for the Art Walk 
Saturday, February 13th, 2016. Open 6:00-9:00 pm.
Families with kids welcome. Enter through the 1st or 2nd floor doors on 
30th Avenue. Includes painting, wood working, sculpture,
wearable fiber art, encaustics, print making and more, all under one 
roof. www.ballardworks.com


Annie's Art & Frame
From the artist:  My name is Gabriel, I typically work in drawing and painting. My mediums are charcoals on wood and paper. I have always been inspired by artists growing up, the whole process and build of a painting has always sparked curiosity. I use art to express my moods or just thoughts that come to mind intuitively and in some indirect way. Some drawings describe pain and some are just random.. I just draw. Freestyle drawing is something I really love to do. I like feeling the moment, to just create what you feel or dont feel at all. I make a few marks and embrace the whole process.

Gabriel Marquez is a multi-disciplinary artist who works in charcoals and mixed media fabric painting. Other mediums include photography, sculpture and graphic design but with more focus on illustration. Gabriel graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso with a BFA in Studio Art in 2012. He studied painting and graphic design. Gabriel Marquez was born in El Paso, Texas and joined the artist community of Seattle in 2014 and has since been collectively engaged in the arts.

From Monster Art & Clothing 
Artist’s Info: Starheadboy (Dave Bloomfield)
Type of Art on Display:  Original Paintings

Brief Description of the Art Work:

Starheadboy is a super prolific artist, born and raised in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest. He flows his vibrant art through pure stream of consciousness and relies on raw instinct, unlimited imagination, and constant inspiration to create his work



Blowing Sands Glass Studio / Laura Frost Fine Arts Gallery
5801-14th Ave NW Seattle, 98107
contact:  Cynthia Smith

Artist's Cupboard Show/Annual Seconds Sale
February 13- March 9

with opening reception February 13th 6pm-9pm
Have you ever wanted a peek inside an artist’s storage cupboards?  Look through their shelves of experiments, uncover that row of expertly matched extras, sort through a basket of pieces as mysterious and intriguing as an unfinished symphony?  Blowing Sands Glass’ seconds sale is just such an opportunity.  Glass pieces from artist David Smith will be on sale (just in time for Valentine’s Day!)

Rare & Elusive opens February 13th 6-10pm during the Ballard Art Walk and closes with a reception on March 4th 6-9pm. Rare & Elusive features 16 artists's interpretations of cryptids and can be seen at Push/Pull daily February 14th through March 4th.

Nick Gucker
Nick  Gucker , a Seattle based artist, conjures visions of nightmares and freakish delights out of various media including ink, charcoal, watercolor and acrylics as illustrations for weird fiction and horror stories, book covers, T-shirt designs and gallery shows. Nick's inspiration derives from the influence of lore, mythology, folk tales, pulp fiction, monster movies, biological abnormalities and his own internal peculiarities.

Jenga Garcia
Jenga Garcia is an acrylic artist from Southwest Louisiana. Her work focuses primarily on exploring the emotional nature of gothic and fantasy themes. Her paintings have been collected by a diverse group of individuals worldwide since 2005.

Kiriska (Kiri Yu)
Kiri Yu is a local Chinese-American artist influenced by nature, time, and storytelling. They work in a variety of digital and traditional medias, but watercolor and ink is probably their favorite.

2016 Artwalk Information and Deadline Dates

If you need another copy of the poster, or a change to your invoice, give the office a call at 206-784-9705. 

 If you have any specific questions about the blog or the Facebook page, give Elaine a call at: 206-650-0649 or send her an email directly at EEugenio@FarmersAgent.com

In an effort to allow more time to have your Artists and the Ballard Artwalk promote your venue to the community, don’t let the Blog info submission deadline pass you by! Rule of thumb, the submission deadline is approximately 2 Friday’s before the Artwalk date of the current month.

NOW OFFERING! Has the only thing holding you back from participating in the Artwalk that you can’t find an Artist to showcase? Don’t have much wall space but can designate a table in your shop? Or maybe you’re interested in a live Artist? If you said ‘yes’ to any of the 3 questions, contact Elaine!

ArtWalk Date                  Quarterly Map Deadline                           Blog Info Submission Deadline

First Quarter
January 9, 2016              December 31st, 2015                 January 5, 2016
February 13, 2016                                                                January 29, 2016
March 12, 2016                                                                    February 26, 2016

Second Quarter
April 9, 2016                   March 15, 2016                            March 25 , 2016
May 14, 2016                                                                       April 29, 2016
June 11, 2016                                                                      May 26, 2016

Third Quarter
July 9, 2016                    June 15, 2016                             June 24, 2016 
August 13, 2015                                                                  July 29, 2016
September 10, 2016                                                            August 26, 2016
Fourth Quarter         
October 8, 2016             September 15, 2016                  September 23, 2016
November 12, 2016                                                            October 28, 2016
December 10, 2016                                                            November 25, 2016

·        The yearly payment of $175 is Due no later than February 29th. 

Please make your check out to Ballard Chamber of Commerce and send to:
Ballard Chamber of Commerce
2208 NW Market Street, Suite 100
Seattle, WA  98107
·        Statements from featured ArtWalk artist and/or specials features or events you will be hosting for ArtWalk, available at www.ballardartwalk.blogspot.com
·        Photos of the artist’s work (1 photo required)
·        Email all information to EEugenio@FarmersAgent.com.

·        Questions? Call the office at 206-784-9705 or Call Elaine directly at 206-650-0649 or send her an email at EEugenio@FarmersAgent.com     

Second Saturday ArtWalk January 9, 2016

Happy New Year! We have a few new venues participating in ArtWalk. Check out Push/Pull Gallery and Ballyhoo Curiosity Shop that are new shops in Ballard, and Jax Joon rejoins the ArtWalk.
We have a new coordinator getting started who will be able to help businesses find an artist. Welcome Elaine Eugenio to the Second Saturday ArtWalk.

Artist Reception at Jax Joon for January 9 ArtWalk

Jax Joon
5338 Ballard Avenue NW
Heidi Somes

Three Local Artists at Blowing Sands for January 9 ArtWalk

This month Blowing Sands features the work of three local artists: Sooze bloom deLeon grossman:  Fused glass and textile art, Lon Clark: Sculpted and blown glass, and Julie deRouche:  Pottery and porcelain/fused glass jewelry.  Their work represents years of dedication to their craft and hours of experience with torch, kiln, and dyes.
Blowing Sands Glass Studio

5805 14th Avenue NW

BallardWorks Exhibits "Fresh Art for 2016" for January 9 ArtWalk

"Fresh Art for 2016" features artwork by our Friends and Tenants. The rumor mill has been working and the conversations overheard indicate that some especially fine work from guest artists new to us is on view. Come see for yourself and make your opinion heard! January is always a good time to relax after the holidays and take your time strolling our exhibition spaces and open studios.

Three floors of art studios and exhibition spaces open for the Art Walk Saturday, January 9th, 2016. Open 6:00-9:00 pm.
Families with kids welcome. Enter through the 1st or 2nd floor doors on 30th Avenue. Includes painting, wood working, sculpture, wearable fiber art, encaustics, print making and more, all under one roof. 

2856 NW Market Street

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