May ArtWalk is Full of Fun

Busy ArtWalk evening May 9, 2015. It's the last day of the Ballard Jazz Festival, now in it's 13th year. If you're reading this on Friday it's the Jazz Walk night, so get down to Ballard Avenue NOW!
Market Street Shoes is celebrating it's 9th Anniversary with drawings, food, and music all day long.
Li'l Woody's is in ArtWalk for the first time ever with a contest between 3 local elementary schools.
Go in and vote for your favorite, and the winning school gets to design their own "signature" burger.

Anima Mundi Hosts Seattle Artist Pam Randall in May

Pam Randall is showing collages of the Seattle skyline at Anima Mundi in May.
The show will run the whole month.

Anima Mundi
5410 22nd Avenue NW
Pam Randall

Donal Murphy Continues at Couch Seattle in May

"In terms of my creative output, I have a number of irons in the fire and more waiting to go in. I am in an explorative state in the Northwest of the country, allowing experiences and daily thinking to permeate my process. I have a tendency to simplify objects and reduce them to their essential components, trying to create forms by assembling simple shapes. Some thoughts on colour pervades, my reluctance to blend colors is based on my feeling that color can be experienced in a stronger, clearer way when it is compartmentalized and the shapes allow me to exhibit colour combinations I feel work well."

5423 Ballard Avenue NW
Donal Murphy

Miew Foods Asian Pantry Hosts Ceramics and Pottery for May

See the handbuilt pottery of Heather Wireman, functional ceramics by Brianna Fox, and the work of Michelle Ting. Miew Foods Asian Pantry is located underneath Kickin' Boot Whiskey Kitchen.

Miew Foods Asian Pantry
5309 22nd Avenue NW

Sticks and Stones Seattle Presents “Listening to What You Can’t See” By Kate Vrijmoet

Sticks & Stones Seattle is honored to present “Listening to What You Can’t See”, a solo-exhibition of renown Seattle artist Kate Vrijmoet’s Non-Ordinary Reality Paintings. “Listening to What You Can’t See” will run from May 8th to June 11th, 2015. A reception for the artist will be held Friday, May 8th from 7-11pm at Sticks & Stones Seattle Gallery at 5402 22nd Ave NW in Ballard. If you can't make it May 8th, join us for Ballard Art Walk Saturday, May 9th!

“Listening to What You Can’t See” will feature a series of works fairly new to Vrijmoet’s vast repertoire of socially and philosophically explorative paintings. The oil on canvas pieces range from 40 to 100 inches in scale and reflect Vrijmoet’s three decades of deeply evocative craftsmanship. The exhibition is unified by both by the presence of water in each piece as well as the unusual perspectives Vrijmoet employs.

Vrijmoet calls these “Non-Ordinary Reality Paintings”, a description that could not be more apt. The subject of each painting and its relationship to the water is, in fact, a situational reality we can all recognize. However, Vrijmoet expresses these scenes in ways that are completely foreign yet strikingly intimate. As a viewer, the relationship between the ordinary and the otherworldly perspective is quixotic and fascinating. It’s easy to get lost in these works, from the rich colors, the déjà vu sensation calling back forgotten childhood memories and the voyeuristic pleasure one finds in the normally forbidden nature of the perspectives presented.

Sticks and Stones Seattle
5402 NW 22nd Street

Photographer Martina K at His Word Found Here for May

 Martina has had a passion for photography ever since she got her first camera at six years old. She took pictures of everything she could! This passion really blossomed at the age of fourteen when she entered high school. She was the first freshman to get into the photography program at her school and continued all throughout her time there; taking beginning, advanced one, two, three, and AP (advanced placement) photography excelling in every step along the way.

    When Martina was fifteen, she sold her photo for the first time at the ArtWalk for students at the Ballard Library. This encouraged her to keep working hard and one day she could become a professional photographer. Just a year later, she began photographing her fellow students for their senior photos for the yearbook and graduation announcements. Since then, Martina has photographed many senior photos, family portraits, engagement photos, and even a wedding.

  If you ask Martina why she does what she does, she will simply say it is her gift from God. She walks around and sees the clouds, the mountains, nature all around her and sees it all as art and sees the beauty in all the people she comes in contact with. She says she wants to show Gods creativity with that in which He has blessed her with. She has the talent and drive to go far in this industry.

     Martina is now twenty years old living in Ballard. She works at a photography studio in Lynnwood. She still takes pictures of everything she possibly can and loves every minute of it. Her hope is to be able to travel around the world to take pictures of the wonders of all nations, both good and bad; to change the world for the better with her art.

5404 NW 22nd Avenue

Heidi Favour Showing Assemblages at Venue in May

Heidi Favour grew up on a farm in North Dakota and learned to appreciate hard work, old tools, and the beauty of simple things. She collects old bits of stuff – cast-off tools, old wood, useless pieces of hardware, anything with type or numbers on it. She likes the imagined history of the objects, the quality materials and craftsmanship, the oddity of certain things. When inspiration hits, Heidi reassembles things in a new way to make objects people can use again. 

At Venue this month, Heidi will be introducing her assemblages, as well as showcasing a wonderful collection of collage prints. She has a BFA with a focus in Graphic Design, and lives in Seattle with her husband, 2 daughters and one angry cat. 

5408 NW 22nd Avenue

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